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Exhaust systems

All exhaust systems are designed using CATIA V5, based on the SLR geometry and the SLR and Stirling Moss designed space. Flow and acoustic simulations are the basis for the excellent result. Manufactured by one of the leading exhaust producers, resident in Southern Germany. We have produced accurate, high quality moulds, tools and fixtures for each system. Each product for the SLR and Stirling Moss is hand built and its quality checked in detail. Only high quality materials are used, previously checked by X-ray. Even without aligning to the engine control unit, moderate enhancement of the performance can be anticipated.

There is a 2 year warranty on all products, with the exception of the (purchased) catalytic converter.
All prices on request.

Rear silencer - sound modification

Modification of SLR / Stirling Moss series silencers:

Moderate sound enhancement.
10 kg weight saving / set
The interior design of the double-walled, thermally insulated silencer is completely modified.

SLR special silencer #2:

More beefy, deeper, lush and round sound.
31 kg weight saving / set

SLR special exhaust #3:

More extreme, hard, beefy sound. Only export.
35 kg weight saving / set

SLR special silencer #X:

Special manufactured design.
More beefy, deeper, lush, very harmonious and round sound, level somewhat more moderate than #2.
21 kg weight saving / set

Stirling Moss special silencer:

More beefy, deeper, lush, markedly beautiful, harmonious and round sound.
The most beautiful sound that we can offer.
22 kg weight saving / set

Special silencer

  • High-temperature resistant stainless steel
  • Considerably less exhaust back-pressure
  • Special thermal insulation 1000 °C
  • The low mass is not only an advantage for the vehicle efficiency weight, but also ensures better axle load distribution, because the load on the front axle is reduced.

Fan-type manifold

High-performance, fan-type manifold for SLR and Stirling Moss:

  • Material Inconel 625: High-temperature resistant and ductile, even at temperatures of 1000 °C. Ideal material to present the exposure profile at the highest temperatures, vibration loads and pressure fluctuations.
    Inconel is the material for exhaust manifolds in Formula 1!
  • Ideal flow pattern
  • 43 % greater flow cross-section
  • Considerably less exhaust back-pressure
  • Configuration variants: with / without high-performance catalytic converter
  • Special thermal insulation 1000 °C
  • Weight reduction of 12 kg compared to series manifold
  • Simply by using the fan-type manifold, the sound is more beefy and succinct
  • The prerequisite for sustainable enhanced performance!


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