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Matthias Sievers



1985 to 1990: Postgraduate at the Technischen Universität Karlsruhe.

Successful conclusion as Diplom-Ingenieur (graduate engineer), general mechanical engineering. In addition to general mechanical engineering, major fields of study: material science, vehicle construction, vehicle dynamics and vibration.  

1990 to 2006: Development engineer at Mercedes-Benz.

Key areas of activity:
  • Analysis of vehicle vibration
  • Comfort analysis and optimization
  • Chassis advance development
  • Solutions for specific axle and braking system problems
  • Transmission, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Self-employed since April 2006.

  • since 2007: SIEVERS exhaust systems for Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  • since 2008: tuning of SLR McLaren
  • 2010: founding the "SIEVERS Tuning over the Limit"
    Customization of high performance Mercedes-Benz cars, in particular SLR McLaren. Fundamental philosophy and motto: "Perfecting what is already precious and surpassing limits"

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